Eric O’Neill


Entering my third term as president and a very exciting time it is, there is a renewed vigour around the club with some vital old faces returning and some excellent new additions..


Arbete: Eget företagare och studerande

Roll: Ordförande sedan 2012, kassör från 2009-2012

Historia i föreningen: I was playing a football match in 2008 when the then head coach Thierry Durand felt it was unbecoming of any self-respecting Irishman not to be involved in rugby. I turned up to training the following week and got on an away bus the week after and the rest is history and have ever  since wondered why I never played the sport in my youth. The following year Eric Ceder convinced me to get involved in the background and 15kg later I’m still here. It is a great honour to be president of this club and this board, this is a fantastic group we have assembled who want nothing but progress and it’s a very exciting time to be head of the club