Educating coaches for the future

A learning experience of world class levels in stockhom.

4 lucky coaches got to attend a fantastic weekend workshop held by David hanley and the English rugby union

Big plans

Big Plans

The course which was held in Stockholm on the last weekend of March by Erikslund. It was a fantastic experience for all who attended, a learning experience and a different way to view things especially when it comes to child welfare and wuy we want kids to play this wonderful sport.

I am sure all 4 who attended returned with a good education under their belts and knowledge and techniques that will ensure we begin our new youth development efforts in the right frame of mind

It was also worth mentioning it was fantastic to see all Erikslunds hard work paying off and the field was in constant use by differing age groups all that Saturday both boys and girls and for us it represents an achievable goal considering our community and catchment area are similar.


Heja KRK!


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